The Only Software That Will Transfer Over Your Old Software Programs as well as Your Custom Settings!

Jacob ErdeiAs a computer repair expert and being in the industry for several years I get asked all the time how to transfer data from XP to Vista and Windows 7. The truth is the free Easy Transfer Wizard built into Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 iisn't always so easy to use. Most people spend days trying to get data to transfer over only to find that half of what they selected to be moved wasn't and all their custom setting they needed weren't moved either. I have personally selected the best of the best data transfer software program for you! This is my own personal favorite data transfer program and the one I use out in the field to transfer programs over to a new computer
Jacob Erdei,
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Ease of Use: Ease of Data Transfer (5 Stars)
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Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista 32 bit and 64 bit as well as Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit

Install PCmover on both
your new and old computers
Connect your old PC to
your new PC
Transfer all your programs,
files, and settings
Install Software Connect Computers Easy File transfer

PCMover is the only program out there that can transfer over your needed software programs. This simple to use software will save days of frustration. It works on XP to Windows 7 file transfer and XP to Vista file transfers as well as 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. This is the program to use and it will save you hours of frustration.

You can transfer over all your custom settings and user accounts as well as all your personal files in just a few easy steps. This very easy to use program can be a real life saver. This is the only program on the market that can transfer over your old software programs onto your new computer.

PCMover is very simple to use and when the process is complete, you'll have exactly the same setup, files and programs you had on your old computer. There easy to use interface let's you select what programs and settings as well as files that you want to be transfered over. Take what you want and leave what you no longer use.

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PCmover - Move Installed Programs to New Vista PC

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More Useful Data Transfer Information

While PCmover does transfer over many different applications I always recommend you double check to ensure those programs are compatible on the new Operating system. Almost all of them will be but it always helps to be sure. With Vista and Windows 7 you can always use the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor programs to check what software programs are compatable on the new operating systems.

If you are using an older copy of office and upgrading to a new version then install the new version on the operating system before doing a data transfer. I have found that this tends to work best

Only transfer over the programs you know for sure you will be using. After all you bought a new PC because your old computer was most likely a little slow. You don't want to transfer over everything. Go through the list on PCMover and select only the programs you want.

Remember you can always install things like Adobe reader and firefox as well as many others for free and from a fresh install online. If you know the program is free then just consider downloading and installing a fresh copy onto your new computer. This way you help to eliminate any issues with the data transfer

If you have an application that was acting weird on your old computer or having issues then you do not want to transfer the program over to your new computer. If it was acting strange on the old system, chances are it will do the same on the new one. You are better off installing it fresh. If you do not have the CD any more then contact the vendor. You may find that many will provide a free download link to you can install the program fresh. Worst case you should be able to get a discount on an upgared product if the old one is no longer supported.

Only the Retail Box version comes with a USB 2.0 Transfer cable. I do recommend you order the retail box version because the transfer cable makes life much easier. Yes it sucks having to wait a few days for the retail box to arrive but it's worth it because it makes life that much easier. The network option works great if you know how to setup a home wireless network. This is often times the one I use. Just make sure you disable security software, turn firewalls off and disable system hybernation and sleep mode in the user control panel. This tends to help things go smoothly.

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Other considerations

I know you came here because you wanted a data transfer option. However now is the absolute perfect time to consider getting a data backup solution as well. I always recommend using an online data backup solution for those with high speed internet access. Saving all you e-mail, pictures, personal files, music and the like from a hard drive crash is a must. Personally I use Mozy. The cost is around 5 bucks a month for unlimited online data backup storage. This is super easy to use software that runs in the background and does not take a lot of resources away from your computer. It's a sure fire way to protect your data from fire, theft, hard driver crash, water damage, ECT... The other online data backup program I like is called Carbonite. Both are great programs but I like the Mozy interface a little better. just personal preference. I would recommend you get a free trial of both and see which you like better.